The complications that come with translating a good idea into an established and thriving institution, soon causes 9 of 10 businesses to close down in its 1st year. This statistic is a proof that in these days, good ideas are not enough. Enterprise Hill is a practical business consulting firm that offers custom fit Development Support services for Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). With a major strength in CLOUD BASED ACCOUNTING SERVICES, we help you practically analyze the health and growth of your business, (by proffering transparent and diverse accounting solutions that will meet the exact needs of your enterprise). Our BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT department is a made of professional strategy developers who think forward on how to keep your type of enterprise relevant, profitable, and sustainable. While our first priority is not yet to be the biggest, we do strive to be the best MSME Accounting and Development Support System provider in Africa in a short while.

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Our Competence

We are a team of well informed and optimistic professionals, committed to proffering lasting solutions to business challenges, as well as equally delivering efficient services.



The importance of Accounts in a business of any scale cannot be over emphasized, as every enterprise relies on accurate financial information to run their daily operations and capitalize on opportunities. At Enterprise Hill, we create and maintain accounts that capture all your financial transactions and resolve any discrepancies, by infusing the strength of modern technology, with easy-to-understand Cloud Based Accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks, Sage One, WaveApps) that also allows you carry your business with you anywhere. From keeping your books to Bank Reconciliations that aligns every transaction with your account records to reveal any loop hole. Our professional team will cover the blind spots when we handle your accounts for you. More than a collection of records and reports, we present from time to time, a well informed financial statement that gives you a vivid picture of the health of your business and a professional consultation that will point you towards a more profitable and sustainable future.

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Believe it or don’t, these days, Tax laws can be so complicated that completing a simple tax process may be confusing, it will need more than a busy entrepreneur’s 10 fingers to handle, but engaging the superior assistance of the Enterprise Hill team will provide you important information and adequate tax services that legally reduces your tax liabilities, increases investment opportunities, and position your business for growth.

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Business Strategy

In building a lasting, relevant, and efficient business brand, great ideas will be the least of your worries, because you will often meet with the blunt frustration of changing times and trends of the new age consumers. Enterprise Hill has an innovative team of business strategists that sees both your institution and client’s need before that need arise. With experience over the years, we have built a collation system that uses information gathered from our client's account data, alongside the present need of consumers (as regards your unique business) and the dynamic world trend, to develop winning business strategies that keeps your business on the upward move.

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Featured Services

Our services are geared towards helping your business harness its strengths, build an edge, and increase its profitability.


Why work with us?

Every business that we have worked with, have experienced marked growth in their profitability margins, within the first year of our engagement, and like our clients fondly say, we move your business from a good idea, to a great institution..

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Featured Courses

We have a variety of Online Courses that have been professionally designed to help you kick start your business, discover its essence and edge, and build strategies for sustainable structures.

  • “I learnt to use Quickbooks online through the CASA program and it blew my mind”
    Akinsola Olubusola
    400L Student - FUNAAB
  • “The CASA program was awesome in every sense. Make sure you register for upcoming editions”
    Adebayo Abayomi
    300L Student - LASU
  • “Learning to use Quickbooks Online through The CASA Program has equipped me for the next phase of domination”
    Albert Samuel
    400L Biochemistry LASU
  • “We’ve been using Enterprise-Hill to prototype designs quickly and efficiently. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the style and value.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Interface Designer - Yoke
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